Tyres Supplied and Fitted by Barry Hews Automotive Services

Here at Barry Hews Automotive Services in Barnstaple, we supply and fit tyres for all makes and models of cars and LCVs.

Having good tyres is vital for keeping you and your family safe and comfortable on the road. Each of your four tyres uses a small area (about the size of a postcard) to support and steer your vehicle. Good tyres protect you from bumps in the road, make sure that your steering is accurate, and ensure that your vehicle grips the road surface in all weathers.

To maintain healthy tyres, keep a regular check on your tyre pressure and tread depth. Optimum pressures can be found in your car’s manual, however if you do not have this, please let us know so that we can help you out. The tread depth of your tyres needs to meet the legal minimum of 1.6mm, however, we would always recommend that you think about changing your tyres before this level, especially in the winter months when the roads are icy.

Wheel Alignment and Tracking

Another way of prolonging the life of your tyres is to make sure that your wheels are well aligned using a process called ‘tracking’. When wheels are out of alignment, vehicles tend to pull to one side and this results in uneven tyre wear. If left unresolved, this issue can prove costly as tyres will need replacing much sooner than they would if the wheels were set at the correct angle.

Our specialist tracking equipment enables us to test the angles of your wheels. If your wheels are out of alignment we will straighten them as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For vehicles of any age, we recommend that you have your wheel alignment checked annually to extend the life of your tyres. Additionally, if you’re involved in an accident or have any work done to your car’s suspension system, we would strongly recommend that you get your tracking checked.

Misaligned wheels often go unnoticed as drivers soon get used to the adjustments that they make to counteract the pull. Don’t wait to get your tracking checked, it could save you a lot of money in the long run!