Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Servicing and Recharging in Barnstaple

As with all parts of your vehicle, you air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to keep it working effectively. A regularly serviced air conditioning system will not only perform well, it will also improve your fuel economy as less strain will be put on the engine.

Air conditioning can be used in all seasons to improve comfort levels – whether it’s keeping you cool in the summer, or helping to de-mist your windscreen and keep you warm in the winter. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your air con is well maintained all year round.

Recharge your Air Con at Barry Hews Bosch Car Service Centre

Most garages don’t include air conditioning recharging as part of their standard vehicle service package. However, here at Barry Hews in Barnstaple, we will assess your vehicle at the time of service and advise for an air conditioning recharge if required.

An air conditioning recharge can be carried out at the time of vehicle servicing, or as a separate service throughout the year.

Over 10% of the gas leaks out of your air-con system every year, which can result in reduced performance and put unnecessary strain on the engine. For most drivers, we recommend that your system is recharged with fresh gas and lubricant every 2 years, however, if you frequently use your air con on long distance journeys, this service should be carried out every year to 18 months.